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Below you will find citations of articles written by Ted and in collaboration with other authors, which a few journal editors or book editors have deemed worthy of publication. Click on the underlined link to view the entire article. If you enjoy readingthe article or not, feel free to e-mail me your comments at tpanitz@capecod.net

Alternate assessment methods with cooperative learning paradigms "Assessing Students and Yourself By Observing Students Working Cooperatively and Usingthe One Minute Paper" T. Panitz, & P. Panitz Cooperative Learningand College Teaching, V6, N3 Spring 1996

67 Benefits of cooperative learning- This article presents a listing of the benefits ov CL in two arrangements. The first is by topic and the second is by a numerical listing which does not consider where the benefit fits into a topic.

Comparing definitions of cooperative and collaborative learning
"Collaborative Versus Cooperative Learning: Comparing the Two Definitions Helps Understand the nature of Interactive learning" T. Panitz Cooperative Learning andCollege Teaching, V8, No. 2, Winter 1997

Using cooperative learning extensively in mathematics classes
"Is Cooperative learning Possible 100% of the Time In College Classes?", Ted Panitz Cooperative Learning and College Teaching, v9, n2, winter 1999 p13-14  (The article presented here has been modified from the above citation by expanding the article)

Encouraging cooperative learning in higher education
"Ways To Encourage Collaborative Teaching In Higher Education"  T. Panitz &  P.Panitz,  pp161-202  in University Teaching: International Perspectives, James J.F. Forest edition, 1998, Garland Publishers: New York

Who will teach in the 21st century?
"Will you be teaching in the twenty-first century?", position paper presented at University of Massachusetts international, interdisciplinary conference, "Re-organizingKnowledge: Trans-forming Institutions and the university in the XXI Century" September 17-19, 1999,  Amherst, MA     Abstract

Why more teachers do not use cooperative learning techniques
"Faculty and Student Resistance to Cooperative Learning"  T. Panitz    Cooperative Learning and College Teaching, vol. 7 No. 2 Winter,1997

Cooperative learning as a great motivator
"Benefits of  Cooperative Learning in Relation to Student Motivation", Theodore Panitz, in Michael Theall (Ed.)  Motivationfrom within: Approaches for encouraging faculty and students to excel, New directions for teaching and learning, n78, Summer 1999,  Josey-Bass publishers: San Francisco, CA, T. Panitz

Ending courses on a high note
"Ending On A High Note: Better Endings For Classes And Courses", M. Meier & T. Panitz    College Teaching, Fall 1996

Algebra Anyone?
"Algebra Anyone?" by Leslie Jones with an introduction by Ted Panitz, Humanistic Mathematics Network Journal #15, July 1997

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