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Welcome to my page on internet discussion lists related to education topics. If you have a favorite site or sites you would be willing to share with me please send them along to:

A brief description would be most helpful. I will add your contributions to this site under reader contributions below. Please be sure to include the listserv address. Also please specify if the list is a listserv, listproc, or majordomo.

Thanks in advance for your help in building this page.

Instructions for subscribing to a list:

For listserv and listproc servers send a message to the listserv and in the body write subscribe (list name) followed by your real name. Leave the subject line blank.

Example: send message to in the body write
Subscribe collabor Ted Panitz

For a majordomo list follow the same instructions except in the body write your email address instead of your real name. Example:           Subscribe mathedcc

Some lists such as yahoogroups supported lists may ask you to visit a web site to subscribe. Also you may be asked to confirm your request to subscribe to a list. This may be done by using the reply function. Just hit reply and send the confirmation message back and you will be confirmed.

If you wish to subscribe to a list you may click on the listserv address and send an email directly to the list server.

AMATYC discussion group- (majordomo)
MATHEDCC is an internet discussion group of AMATYC, the American
Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges. Created by the Technology
in Mathematics Education Committee (TiME), MATHEDCC is dedicated to
discussions of all topics relating to mathematics education.

Collabor (LISTSER)
This list includes discussions about cooperative learning topics. The level of email traffic is
pretty low but the topics are interesting


Cooperative Learning (majordomo)
The focus of this list is obvious in the title. Here also the traffic is light but the content is very good.

Cooperative learning (
This list focuses on the Kagan cooperative structures which are oriented toward k-12 grades with
an emphasis on elementary grades. Laura Candler hosts the list and has a great web site with
information on cooperative learning structures.

Community Colleges (listserv)
This list focuses on issues of concern to community college teachers and administrators

This is an interesting list devoted to the discussion of mathematics history and traditions.
The topics are quite different from the other math discussion groups in that it does not get
into pedagogy or the theory of teaching but sticks to the history of math.

Umass ednet (listproc)
This site focuses on k-12 issues of teaching and administration.

International forum for education technology
This list covers a wide variety of technology issues including teaching, hardware, software etc.
If you have a question about online teaching this is the place to ask.
(Info on Join/Leave List:

Learning Styles


Problem Based Learning (majordomo)

Center for Faculty Development-Learning Assistance list (listserv)

National Council of teachers of math list (

Professional and Organizational Development (listproc)
The Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education
(POD) fosters human development in higher education through faculty,
instructional, and organizational development.

Society of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Canada (listserv)

Teaching in the Community College (listserv)

Tips in Psychology (listserv)
"Teaching in the Psychological Sciences"

Assessment list for K-12 (listserv)


Writing across the curriculum (listserv)
As the title suggests this discussion group deals mainly with WAC issues. Information includes
interesting web sites, conference information and a variety of questions regarding many
aspects of using writing in college courses.

Teacher education (listserv) Learning and Instruction Teaching and Teacher Education Postsecondary Education

Teacher to teacher (majordomo)
The Teachnet Teacher-2-Teacher mailing list is the email companion to the
Teachnet.Com website located at This list provides a
forum for the exchange of ideas relevant to preK-12 classrooms.

K-12 Administrators list (listserv)


Teaching discussion list at BYU
This list is primarily for BYU faculty but the topics discussed deal with teaching and
administrative issues which are of interest to the general faculty

Cooperative learning at Indiana U.

Additional mailing lists provided by contributors

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E-mail Discussion Groups

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Favorite Listservs from Jerry Taylor

The Education Companion Discussion List provides opportunities to read and post
messages to a broad rnage of members.
Visit it at:

PHYS-L is a list dedicated to physics and the teaching of physics with about 650 subscribers,
the majority of whom are physics educators. Subscriber email addresses represent over 35 countries,
and over 100 colleges and universities in the US alone. the homepage for the

100th Day & Other Projects at Teachers.Net Teachers - here's your chance to get
involved in the latest and most exciting classroom projects available today.
The Teachers.Net Project center helps link teachers and classrooms across the planet
through educational classroom projects. From links at the top of the Project Center Switchboard
at you can also access chatboards for Earth Day, Classroom Pets, Traveling Buddies,
Postcard Projects, Pen Pals, and Fundraising. From: Kathleen Carpenter <kathleen@TEACHERS.NET>

Join an Educational Mailing List-

Classroom Connect's Connected Teacher - Email Clubs Classroom Connect's free email lists
connect you with other educators, keep you up-to-date with Web resources, and provide you with
news from Classroom Connect. Hosted by expert educators as well as the Classroom Connect
staff, email lists are a great way to keep in touch with what's going on in education and on the Internet.

Teachers.Net - PROJECT SWITCHBOARD - Teachers - here's your chance to get involved in the
latest and most exciting classroom projects available today. The Teachers.Net Project center helps link
teachers and classrooms across the planet through educational classroom projects. Looking to
develop a classroom pen pal project, 100 days, Flat Stanley, traveling budies, post card exchange, and more?

Gifted and talented chatboard- the participants seem to be quite knowledgable at:

The MiddleWeb listserv is a free service available to middle school educators and anyone else who's interested in boosting
middle grades teaching and learning and grappling with knotty school and classroom issues. The list is supported by a grant from
the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation's Program for Student Achievement.

To find more education listservs, try these web sites:

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