Learning Together:Keeping Teachers and Students Actively Involved by Writing Across the Curriculum- A Source Book of Ideas and Writing Assignments     by Dr Theodore Panitz

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your favorite teacher?

        How about something (relevant) to welcome teachers back to school?

                Would you like to do your Xmas shopping early for teachers in your family, friends,
                or  acquaintances?

                            How about a jump start for your faculty development days?

                                    Do you really need a reason to expand your horizons?

If you discover 3 or 4 writing exercizes that you can use in your classes,
out of the 41 assignments I present in my book, then I will consider my
book to be a success and I will celebrate with you.

The results I get by asking students to communicate with me via writing
assignments are quite exciting to me personally and help me to
demonstrate my concern for my students and their performance in my classes.

I am thrilled to announce that my Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) book
has been published in hard copy by Newforums Press.

You may access publishing information at:

The general site for New Forums Press is: The student centered series may be linked here also

I would like to ask for your help. I would greatly appreciate it if you would
send this announcement and/or my web page url address to colleagues at your
school or other institutions and to other discussion lists that you participate in.
I would love to spread the word as far as possible.
My web site address is:     http://home.capecod.net/~tpanitz

The preface, reasons for using WAC, and three sample chapters are provided below to give you
an example of the book's format.   The complete table of contents is provided below.

Preface and reasons for using WAC

Interesting WAC web sites


A. Write a letter to your students prior to the beginning of the semester

D. Analyzing the seven principles of good education

E. Student/Professor success contract

"Keeping Teachers and Students Actively Involved
by Writing Across the Curriculum"
by Theodore Panitz

Why use writing across the curriculum


A. Write a letter to your students prior to the beginning of the semester

B. Student autobiography- written prior to the beginning of class

C. Student profile for first class introductions

D. Analyzing the seven principles of good education

E. Student/Professor success contract


A. Student post exam questionnaire

B. Students write a letter to a friend- an unusual course evaluation

C. Mid semester course review/student self evaluation.

D. Mid semester push- or how do I survive all my professors demands?

E. Final semester push

F. End of semester student self evaluation


A. How can we work better together in groups?

B. Encouraging student writing by example- Analysis of newspaper articles describing Harvard research on learning together in groups

C. Developing t-charts to help analyze group functioning


A. There is a poet in all of us

B. Student course portfolio

C. Why study math?

D. Assessing students and your self using the one minute paper

E. Finding analogies in life to clarify course concepts

F. The diary of a student or writing a course journal


A. Math is with us every day

B. Math is with us all day.

C. How did you get here- What sequence of events lead you to this course?

D. Write your own textbook section

E. Becoming an author- Write a short story about how the quadratic formula came to be

F. Finding examples of math in the media

G. Draw your very own graph

H. Solving the mystery of word problems using the two-column format plus alternate uses.

I. Engaging partners in a critical thinking exchange of ideas- Write and swap

J. Vocabulary building through a multi step writing process

K. Developing comprehension skills by combining writing with collaborative learning activities to analyze history assignments

L. Analyzing a fable Cooperatively

this section contains just  writing assignments without explanations.

A-100% Success in Algebra

B- Is The Mastery Approach To Testing A Good One???

C- Math Anxiety Code of Responsibilities

D- Mt Very Own Group's Strategy For Solving Word Problems

E- Calculating Pi- Not The Kind You Eat- A Cooperative Exploration

F- Why Are Fractional Exponents So Hard To Understand?

G- Faculty Writing Exercise

H- Developing a Preparation Strategy For Mastery Tests

6I- Solving Equations Together


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