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The History of Teaching Math   (or why is it so hard to learb math?)

How Enron really works     

Lifetime contract                                   Celebrate or celebate

Student grade change form                   Pills every day

Vacation Days                                       Parable- Teachers and Administrators

H.S. Essay Blunders                              Plumbers and Lawyers

Power of email                                        Enjoy vocab building

True Mother-in-Law                              Different professions

Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest sayings        Generic Ethnic Joke

Why engineers don't cook                     Election 2000 Jokes

Holy Scripture by college students      Smart Blonde

Mother taught me                                     Jewish Parrot

Rejection Rejection                               Ad Gaffes

Arab/Isreali dog fight                             High School Essay Blunders

One night in the white house                Oye of little biblical knowledge

Tommy                                                     Poisonous

Contradictory  Headlines                       Mark Twain Sayings

Funny Answering machine messages       Cost Cutting Measures

What Famous  Mothers said                 Airline Announcements

Funny Definitions                                    Rules for ensemble playing

Different professions                            New Zoo Job

Why engineers don't cook                    Bronze rat (lawyer joke in disguise)

A Different Horse                                 WWII Confession

New additions (6 jokes)                       Grade change form

Grading                                                Ivy league light bulb changing jokes

Hmo cuts in an orchestra                    Political one liners

Super joke file (more jokes than you really want to read)

Useful metric conversions                  Shards on excuses

Smile directory                                    Jokes for my Canadian friends

You are a republican if….                   Real estate terms

Viagra copycats                                 100 reasons it is great to be a guy

Bill Gates joke                                  Books

College admissions essay                Computer laws

Confuscious                                     Creation according to DOS

Democrats versus Republicans       Diet

Dilbert's laws of work                     What doctors really mean

Engineer's terms                            Equation on working

Halloween jokes (long)                   Puns

Lawyer jokes                                  Lawyer jokes 2

Microsoft buys the Catholic church       Microsoft Restarant

Painful puns

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