It is late one night during the Reagan presidency, and Ronald can't sleep,

so he decides to take a walk through the portrait gallery at the White

House. He stops in front of Washington's portrait and says, "George, you

were the father of this country. What can I do to help our country in

these trying times?"

Suddenly, out of the portrait, a white mist appears. Reagan is startled

and then completely amazed as the mist coalesces into the ghost of George

Washington. The ghost looks down at Reagan and says, "Go to the


A somewhat spooked Reagan walks farther down the hall and stops in front

of Jefferson's portrait. "Tom," says Reagan, still not quite believing

this is all actually happening to him, "how can I best help this country

in these trying times?"

Jefferson's ghost appears out of the painting and says, "Go to the


Now Reagan is getting quite excited to be talking to these great men, so

he walks a little farther down the hall. When he comes to Lincoln's

portrait, he says, "Abe, please appear and tell me, how can I best help

the country in these trying times?"

Lincoln's ghost emerges from the portrait and says, "Go to the theater!"