>Here is the Engineering guide to everyday terms and phrases.



>Term or Phrase: Interpretation:


>A "short" assignment All-nighter

>High curve An average score of 45%

>Extra credit Patting yourself on the back

>About four years "How long have you been a senior?"

>"The good old days" Before vector calculus

>A wild weekend Playing "Doom" between lab write-ups

>Unstable equilibrium No more coffee

>Being social Group study

>Take-home tests Group study

>Conservation of energy Skipping a lecture

>"I aced that exam" A bold faced lie

>Multiple choice exam A) study or B) not study

>Going for a smoke Intro electronics lab

>A real blast Intro chem lab

>Standard deviation Watching Star Trek while studying

>Unemployment office Humanities career placement

>Near-death experience Calculator quits during exam

>"Go to the other end of

> Engineering Hall" "Get lost buddy"

>"Pre-select" "God-like"

>A "great" parking spot Any parking spot

>Spring Break Try a larger spring constant!