Ted's Cooperative Learning e-book

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Table of contents

1. Introduction/Rationale by Dewey and others

2. Definition- Comparing collaborative and cooperative

3. Benefits of CL- an alternate way to describe CL approaches

4. Why more teachers do not use CL

5. Getting started and/or expanding your use of CL

6. Student testimonials regarding cooperative learning

7. Teacher testimonials on cooperative learning

8. Teaching Eamples of CL

9. Getting students involved in your course/preparing them for CL

10. Helping students take responsibility for their own learning

11. Communicating high expectations for you students and yourself

12. Assessment techniques/group grading and individual accountability

13. Warm up and group building and activities

14. How to end a class

15. Policies needed for full implementation of CL

16. WWW (World Wide Web) sites of interest

17. Bibliography- This site contains the bibliography from teds article on the benefits of CL

18. References from other sites and sources

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