Tips for Survivin' College


On its web page, Troy State University, Montgomery, offers students the Top Twenty-five Tips for Survivin' TSUM. Here they are...( Modified to fit 4C's)

1.Consult with an advisor frequently

2.Never miss class, you've paid for it (if you must miss, inform your instructor prior to being absent)

3.Budget your finances and time

4.Find a "study buddy" for each class

5.Balance difficult and easy classes

6.Make friends with the library and TSUM staff

7.If you don't understand, ask questions

8.Do library research early, so you have time to sort through what you find

9.Returning students should register as early as possible

10.Turn assignments in on time

11.If you have to be absent on test day, make arrangements to take the test early

12.Read the student handbook

13.Select one or two alternate optional courses before coming to register

14.Before you give up all hope, seek every possible assistance

15.Get to know your professors

16.Do not fall behind in class work

17.Prepare for exams at least one week in advance

18.Declare a major

19.Buy books early

20.Invest in a watch

21.Know CCCC

22.Follow syllabus and directions carefully

23.Come to class prepared

24.Get your family involved

25.Lastly and most importantly, EDUCATION NEVER ENDS


>adapted From the Web Site of Troy State University, Montgomery: