Keep focused on the problem at hand during group work

Continuity of grouping-keep the same groups during the whole semester

Be open to help each other out with the math work

Attending every class would help groups function better

Get to class on time

Form study groups outside of class

Explain to others in the group how to do a problem if you understand it more than anyone else

Encourage quieter students in the group to participate

Be patient with each other and ourselves

Offer to be study partners with other group members and go to the math lab

Try not to feel funny when you have to ask for help

Exchange phone numbers to have the opportunity to get together over the phone

Alternate working steps in pairs to solve problems

Share strategies for problem solving

Be respectful of different speeds which people learn the material

Repeat explanations if people do not get it right away

All group members should be prepared for class

Go over the material before class and discuss any questions with the group

Basically members need to be hard workers

Everyone should contribute equally to the group

Keep the atmosphere somewhat light, but without clowning around

Look over assignments before class

Make sure everyone understands the solution before moving on

Establish a buddy system

Redefine our goals set in our contract with Ted

Read examples from the book together more

The more difficult the problem the more interaction there should be

Keep focused on the problem at hand

Learn more about the people in your group

Stop group talking when the teacher or tutor is talking to the group or whole class

Try to insure that at least one person in each group understands the material

Take turns speaking and listening

Have group members check and recheck solutions to problems

Establish personal goals for completing the class and check periodically to see if everyone is meeting their goals