Final Exam Options for Ted's algebra courses


Option #1. Take the regular final exam (see exam schedule for date, time and place). The final counts as one test in figuring your course average. Elementary algebra classes have a take home final in addition to the in class final.


Option #2. Take the computer placement test CPT. If you receive a score equal to or higher than the prerequisite for the next course (see scores given below) then you may exempt the final or take the final. (your choice).

This option presumes that you have passed all the chapter mastery's (tests) at the 80% level, after all corrections have been completed.


Option #3. If you have not completed all the chapter tests and you score above the minimum CPT to qualify for the next course, as specified below (underlined), then I will consider giving you a "P" grade for the course, depending upon how many tests you have left to complete and how well you did on the chapter tests you did complete.

If you receive a 75 or better on the CPT then you will receive a "P" grade for the course in elementary algebra

If you receive a score of 90 or better on the CPT then you will receive a "P" grade in intermediate algebra.


You will need to schedule a half hour time block to take the CPT. All students will take the elementary algebra portion of the CPT only.

CPT Scores requIred to move on the the next class

Elementary algebra score needed to enter intermediate algebra = 58 or higher

Elementary algebra score needed to enter college level math = 82 or higher


Course test average versus letter grade equivalencies. During the last week of classes I will ask you to decide if you wish to receive a letter grade of P/R grade.

test average = course grade

80-85 = B

85.1-89.9 = B+

90-95 = A-

95-100 = A