Mathematics, Engineering, & Technology Department

Cape Cod Community College

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DE061 Intermediate Algebra Fall 1998

Readiness Assignment

Directions: These problems may be assigned to be turned in during the first week of classes. By doing them now you will be ahead of the game when the course begins. Write all work and answers on lined paper roughly the same size as this page. Feel free to refer to texts, tutors and teachers. The bulk of your work should be your own. This assignment is intended to show you that you are ready for this course. Your instructor may also be interested and may look closely at your work and, insofar as possible, adjust instruction to address weaknesses prominent in the class as a whole.

This course is based upon working knowledge of Basic Arithmetic and Elementary Algebra. This assignment is intended to help you review some of the most important things you need to be able to do quickly and smoothly before you begin Intermediate Algebra. This is material featured in DE051 Basic Arithmetic and DE060 Elementary Algebra.

Do the best you can on problems you cannot complete. Word problems are the primary focus in Intermediate Algebra. Those included here give you opportunity to demonstrate you are ready to take on the word problems that will come in Intermediate Algebra. Do not omit them!

If you are unable to complete a significant number of these problems without help you may not be ready for this course. The prerequisites for this course, DE060 Elementary Algebra and DE051 Basic Arithmetic, are available in many forms at many times. See the college course schedule or your advisor.



1.. Multiply .

2. Write as a simplified mixed number .

Evaluate #3 and #4 when a = 2, b = -7, and c = 6

3) 4)

5. What percent of seventy is twelve?

6. Ann has grades of 87, 82 and 92 on the first three biology tests. What grades on the forth test will assure her of an average of 90 or better. Declare the variable you use and show the inequality you solve.


7. Write as a single reduced fraction, .

8. Simplify : .

9. Simplify : .

10. Multiply:

11. Simplify:

12. A sales person earns a base monthly salary of $2000 plus 2% commission on total sales. What was the amount of total sales if the employee's total salary was $3300. Declare the variable you use and show the equation you solve.

13. Factor completely:

14. Factor completely:

15. Solve the formula for .

16. Solve using appropriate method: .

17. Solve using appropriate method: .

18. Solve using appropriate method:

19. The perimeter of a rectangle is seventy eight meters. The length is six meters less than twice the width. What are the width and the length of the rectangle. Declare the variable you use and show the equation you solve.

20. Solve the system of equations algebraically

21. We need 20 liters of a 40% acid solution. We have on hand some 20% acid solution and some 50% acid solution. How many liters of each must we combine to produce the desired mount of 40% acid solution? Declare the variable you use and show the equations you solve.

22. Given the points (-4,5) and (2,-1) find

a) the slope of the straight line through these points

b) the equation of the straight line through these points.

23. Given the linear equation 3x- y = 4 , find

a) the slope and the y-intercept

b) the graph linear equation.

24. The legs of a right triangle differ by one inch. The hypotenuse is twenty nine inches in length. Find the lengths of the two legs. Declare the variable you use and show the equation you solve.

25. Two cars start from the same place and travel in opposite directions. One travels six miles per hour faster than the other. Find their speeds if after three and a half hours they are four hundred ninety seven miles apart. Declare the variable you use and show the equation you solve.