Sample Autobiography-


As a full time student at Cape Cod Community College, I have just completed my second semester. I'm taking this course during the Summer because I'm registered to take precalculus 1 in the Fall. As you know, Intermediate Algebra is a prerequisite for Precalculus 1.

I took Elementary Algebra at Cape Cod Community College during the Fall semester, 1990. Prior to that, the last math course I took was in the Summer of 1968 at North Shore Community College. The only thing I remember about it was the fact that I passes the course.

Until a year ago I had a career in banking. I left banking to return to school. I'm working towards a degree in Accounting and plan to transfer to UMass, Boston, after I receive a degree from 4C's. Ultimately, my goal is to establish an accounting practice. Certainly math is more important to the major I've chosen.

I have no strong feelings one way or another towards math. I see math as a very dry subject and have a hard time getting excited about it. My experiences with math courses at 4C's have been limited. The Elementary Algebra course I took was taught by an instructor who knew the subject but didn't make the course interesting at all. I started Intermediate Algebra in the Spring semester 1991, but after two weeks of classes I dropped the course. I could tell that I didn't have the time to put into the course and still keep up with the other courses I was taking. Intermediate Algebra is the only course that I'. taking this Summer. I', prepared to put in the time needed to do well in the class.

The one thing I'd like you to know is that of the two sections offered this Summer for Intermediate Algebra, I signed up for this section because of the instructor. Last Summer I polled many students who were taking algebra (either Elementary or Intermeduate) about their instructor. When I heard about Ted Panitz's method of teaching I was intriqued. I think that there's a good chance I may come away from this course with a more positive attitude towards math.

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