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Southern State Community College Workshop Agenda

Using the Seven principles to Explore Ways of Increasing Student Performance and Retention by Building A Learning College




Explore the 7 Principles of Good Undergraduate Education as they pertain to individuals and the institution


Examine the nature of a learning college:

*review the concepts of learning college;

* identify how SSCCbehaves as a learning college currently;

*establish what needs to be done to move SSCC toward becoming a stronger

†††††††††††††† learning college


Demonstrate active/collaborative learning techniques for possible class use




1.     Pair-Reading-Explaining- Exploring the nature of the 7 principles of Good Undergraduate education


2.     Pair interviews- Introductions- What is your teaching approach? How do you as an individual incorporate the 7 Principles into your interactions with students both in and outside of class (teaching, advising, club sponsoring, mentoring students, etc.)


3.     Round Robin information gathering- Develop a master list of individualís ideas for using the 7 principles to help improve student learning and retention


  1. Jig Saw analysis of how the institution promotes the 7 principles


  1. Lecture-Review of the principles governing a Learning College


  1. Jig Saw- Identifying current policies, procedures, activities, etc that would qualify STCC as Learning College


  1. Round Robin exchange of ideas. Developing suggestions for future actions that would help the institution become a Learning College(institutional changes, faculty and staff development needs, etc)


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