"FEARS"  from BBp67 -- write in notebook section 3

As we write the Fears in the preceeding section, we might make a statement such as the "Fear Prayer" BB p 68.

  "We ask God to remove the fear that
........plug in the specific fears one at a time here.............
and direct my attention to what you would have me be."

In the 3rd section of our notebook, we set aside 2 pages to list the general natures of recurring fears from the previous sections. We add known fears which did not relate to resentments.
After the 2 pages above in section 3, we answer BBp68 questions for each fear on one page each.

Fear of people's opinions
Why did we have them? e.g. People criticized me // I felt I was ugly //
 When, where and how did the general nature of this recurring fear begin? As a kid, I got bored and noisy // My father then beat me // .....
 Wasn't it because self reliance failed us? Yes, I did not know how to be responsible for my actions. // I did not let powers outside of my self help me.
 Is this fear rational? It may be do to my poor skills for assesing an event and learning effective responses//
 Is this fear considered by healthy people to be necesary for safety and security?

-Sex Inventory---Assets.