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 Working the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous
experience of RogerG working & passing on the 12 steps
guided by official AA literature.

to examples and directions of this process.

-AAGeneral Services, New York
-Online Intergroup for online AA meetings and email AA groups.
-Achieve a
True Informed Group Conscience at business meetings.
defenses that block help for personal growth.
Format and history - Big Book Step Study Group, Hyannis, MA.
Website for Hyannis BBSS offspring that use the same format.
Original Hyannis BBSS format - year 1980.
Oxford Groups history

 Please note that some other BigBookStepStudy groups ignore a Big Book direction that the 1980 Hyannis Group believes is vital to discovery of the "exact nature of our wrongs (stp5)".  AA's Big Book (all editions) step 4 includes,  "Referring to our list again, where had we been selfish, dishonest, self seeking and frightened?" update (Jan 2002).  
 to examples and directions of this process.

Additionally, the 1953 book Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions," written largely by AA Cofounder Bill Wilson added the "Assets" to Step 4. This encourages emotional balance when combined with the 1939 book Alcoholics Anonoymous "search for flaws that caused our failure."