Note from MOM chairperson regarding Online AA inventory.

March 12, 2003 - MOM-business list currently is favorable in it's
discusion to have an inventory.

Thus far, the"sense" of MOM-biz and MOM-main list is to use
the suggested listed of questions in the AA pamphlet "AA Group".
Other questions may be added.

A motion is on the floor and seconded to do this inventory on the Main List.
One question every other week would be the "topic." These would alternate
until completed as topic then a step,

-----------NEXT IS A PASTE from AA pamphlet, THE AA GROUP."
(Some of the questions may appear not directly relevant to online.
Ingenuity prevailed in my other online group ! )

How is a group inventory taken?

Many groups periodically take a "group inventory," using one meeting (F2F groups) for an honest and fearless discussion of the group's weaknesses-and strengths.

Many groups have written G.S.O. that a group inventory perked up their A.A. activity and made sobriety more exciting and enjoyable-besides getting the message to more and more alcoholics.

The most popular form for taking a group inventory has been the set of questions which the Three Legacies Group, Spokane, Wash., used effectively.

For groups that want to Tenth Step themselves, here is a recent version-suggestions for a program
that may bring the group new health and vitality.

1. What is the basic purpose of the group?

2. What more can the group do to carry the message?

3. Considering the number of alcoholics in our community, are we reaching enough people?

4. What has the group done lately to bring the A.A. message to the attention of physicians, judges, members of the clergy, and others who can be helpful in reaching those who need A.A.?

5. Is the group attracting only a certain kind of alcoholic, or are we getting a good cross section of our community?

6. Do new members stick with us, or does turnover seem excessive?

7. How effective is our sponsorship? How can it be improved?

8. Has everything practical been done to provide an attractive meeting place?

9. Has enough effort been made to explain to all members the need and value of kitchen and housekeeping work and other services to the group?

10. Is adequate opportunity given to all members to speak and participate in other group activities?

11. Are group officers picked with care and consideration on the basis that officership is a great responsibility and opportunity for Twelfth Step work?

12. Does the group carry its fair share of the job of helping intergroup? The Grapevine? G.S.O.? Groups in institutions?

13. Do we give all members their fair chance of keeping informed about the whole of A.A.Recovery, Unity, and Service?

You'll probably want to add questions of your own.

-----------------------------END OF PASTE FROM pamphlet - The AA Group.